Well I’m going home tomorrow, and I’m having every emotion imaginable. Looking forward to getting home, seeing everybody, showing off my new, “svelter” figure, getting back to routine, which I actually do miss. But so sad to be leaving this very, very special place, where it’s easy to take care of myself, where there’s always someone to chat with, where someone cooks my meals and makes my bed!! It’s just a feel-good place, very warm and nurturing, and everybody really genuinely cares about each other.

Of course I have some residual nervousness about not “blowing it all” and returning to old habits when I go home, but I’m going to take all that one step at a time.

I just have to say thank you to everyone at Deerfield – not only for this incredible experience, but also for inviting and allowing me to document my journey here in this blog.  It was such a helpful part of the whole experience and gave me an outlet for all the thoughts and feelings I had along the way.

I lost 18-and-a-half pounds while I was here!  And I am PSYCHED! But more meaningful than the number on the scale is the peace and resolve I feel in my heart.  I will never forget everyone I met on my Deerfield journey, all my lessons learned,  and I will never forget how much this place has meant to me.

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