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Twitter Twist?

Dear Friends,

Thanks everyone for the great feedback about the twitter contest.  Of course we want all our friends, fans, and followers to have a chance to participate ☺  That’s exactly the reason we announced the contest to all our friends/fans on Facebook and through our blog too, instead of only through twitter.

Twitter’s technology works differently than Facebook. It allows for the tracking of contest entrants’ names more reliably, which is why these kinds of contests have become popular on twitter. If there’s a way to do it on Facebook, we are unfamiliar with it.  But who knows, we’re pretty new to this whole social networking thing, so we’ll look into it or maybe even invent a wheel here. Woo hoo! And if you have seen similar Facebook contests where existing fans suggest pages to their friends and then they and their friends who become new fans can be reliably tracked and entered into a pool of contestants, let us now. We’d love to do it on Facebook too!

Meanwhile, anyone can join twitter.  It’s free and easy to do.  If you want, call us and we’ll walk you through it.

Please know, our intention was not to exclude, but precisely the opposite.  Most importantly, we’re glad you shared your feedback with us because it helps us know what our valued friends think, feel, and want.  After all, we’re in the happiness business, so thank you for helping us be responsive.

In Good Health,

Tweet This To Win Two Nights At Deerfield Spa

Enter to win 2-night Deerfield Spa giveaway. Here’s how: Follow @deerfieldspa on Twitter and tweet this: @deerfieldspa 2-night giveaway Enter by 3/17/10. We’ll announce winner 3/19/10.

Your spa getaway includes two-night mid-week stay, accommodations, all meals and snacks, unlimited fitness, lifestyle education, evening activities, Deerfield’s celebrated hiking program, and 24-hour use of all facilities including outdoor heated pool, gazebo-enclosed hot tub, gyms, sauna, lounges, grounds, and more.

Do Tell – Take Our Survey

Take our online survey and tell us what you want Expert-in-Residence DonnaLyn Giegerich to work on with you when she’s here May 21-23.

DonnaLyn is a motivational expert on empowering women.  Her credentials include successful business owner, community leader, cancer survivor and advocate, triathlete, author, college professor, spokesmodel, and mid-life pageant winner!

She’s offered to tailor her Deerfield program to the interests of our guests, so use this survey to tell us what you’d like to work on when she’s here.  Just click the link below to access the email survey.

Here are some of our choices:

4 Ways to Stay Vibrant No Matter What

Beat Adversity with Less Fear and More Fun

5 Characteristics of Resilient Women

3 Keys to Unlocking Stress – Mind, Body, and Soul

Building a Better Life Model at Every Age

Bouncing Back From the Unexpected

Quick Winter Squash Soup with Spicy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

Tried this recipe from and fell in love. This is our kind of soup!
Though Spring is practically around the corner, there’s still time to savor the warming comfort of a thick and hearty winter squash soup.  Using frozen winter squash purée makes putting together this soup extremely speedy; so you’ll still have plenty of time to continue digging out from all this winter’s snow!


For soup:

3 shallots, finely chopped

2 (12-ounce) packages frozen winter squash purée, thawed

3 cups low-sodium chicken stock

For pumpkin seeds:

3/4 cup raw green (hulled) pumpkin seeds

3/4 teaspoon ground cumin

Pinch of cayenne pepper
To finish:

1 teaspoon finely grated fresh lime zest

1 tablespoon fresh lime juice


Make soup:
Spray large saucepan with non-stick cooking spray. Using moderately high heat, sauté shallots until translucent, about 3 minutes. Stir in squash and stock and bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, until soup thickens, about 30 minutes.

While soup simmers, make pumpkin seeds:
Spray small skillet with non-stick cooking spray.  Using moderately high heat, add pumpkin seeds and cook, stirring constantly, until seeds begin to pop, 1 to 2 minutes. Stir in cumin and cayenne pepper and continue to cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 30 seconds. Transfer to bowl.

Finish and serve:
When soup has thickened, remove from heat and stir in lime zest and juice. Season with freshly ground black pepper. Ladle into bowls, garnish with pumpkin seeds, and serve.

Tip: 1 medium lime should provide about 1 teaspoon zest and 2 tablespoons juice. Be sure to zest the lime before halving and juicing it.